Grant Achatz and Aviary’s Molecular Cocktails

Watch as Grant Achatz and his head bartender inject a Manhattan into a sphere of hollow ice. After the ice is cracked like and egg, the shards become the rocks. Interactive and sensory innovation.

Gin and Tonic bubble tea at Aviary, Next’s molecular cocktail bar. 90 cucumber pearls per drink make this cocktail a labor of love.

Crystal clear cocktail made from Plymouth gin, distilled lemon juice, citric acid, malic acid, -shaken on distilled Sorrel ice cubes, and seasoned with distilled Sorrel. The ice cubes are made from distilled strawberries, and as they melt they influence the cocktail’s taste, but do not dilute the cocktail.

Aviary’s cocktail bar will be an amazing place to start off a gastronomic experience. A preview of sorts, that prepares the diner for the mischief that is to come at NEXT.

Truly beautiful interpretations of classic cocktails. They inspire me and remind me that there are still unique minds at work, that have the genius touch of our time.


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