Home Cookin’: Escargots

~Officially, I cannot continue to lie to myself, and I certainly cannot continue to wear the skant clothes of summer. We Casually walk the streets of Manhattan, stopping and shopping where we please, and indulging in small, yet expensive treats along the way.

Today it became dark outside noticeably early; fall is here. Lena and I wander into Dean and Deluca and are happy to shop for the small luxurious items we use to jazz up our otherwise peasant meals. After finding “Gros Escargots” in a can with the shells, we decided upon a French classic to warm and quell our sentiments of winter’s harsh entrance.~

Here are the steps to follow for my How To Make Escargots. Join us in our BK kitchen as we make Escargots Bourguignons.

Ingredients List:

A package of Snail shells (around 24)

1 stick room temperature butter (unsalted)

3 cloves garlic

A bunch of Italian Parsley

1 Can of Escargots (24), preferably “Gros”

sea salt


* Mind you the classic recipe also includes shallots, lemon juice, brandy, and breadcrumbs; however, we are ignoring all that due to the ever-present risk of financial collapse.

Chop the garlic and parsley.

Add the chopped garlic and parsley to the room temperature butter, and begin to mash with fork.

Add sea salt and pepper to taste.

Assemble by placing 1 tsp. butter into shell and stuff with escargot, then seal shell with more butter.

Place the filled shells in a pan.

Put the escargots in a 375 degree oven until butter sizzles.

Ate about a stick of butter tonight on bread. Pork pot stickers in my immediate future, and Butter Pecan ice cream just after the previously mentioned “immediate” need.

Choose Feast.

Happy Cookin’


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