Suckling Pig Feast at Daniel Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen & Bar

“The restaurant now offers a lavish spread, to feed as many as eight,centered on a whole suckling pig from DeBragga & Spitler, roasted…and stuffed with sausage.

The feast starts with head cheese, followed by the pig and its entourage, consisting of white and red sauerkraut, truffled brussels sprouts, and a gratin of potatoes, Gruyère and Swiss chard. Guests will be awash in an unlimited river of beer selections and then served baked Alaska”.

This is the kind of meal where you have to call ahead into work, and explain that you’ll be ill in the morning and therefore will not be making it in; however, don’t let this be a deterrent. They’ll understand.

Not only does the meal consist of head cheese, sausage stuffed suckling pig, all the creamiest, most filling side dishes you could want, and unlimited beer, but it also ends with a Baked Alaska. That is so over-the-top.

Needless to say I am looking for seven able individuals to join me.


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