Grab a Rake | American Revolution

Guess who’s trying to apply for foreign visas now…all those kamikaze loyalists who said, “if you don’t like America so much, why don’t you live somewhere else?”. Jumping ship are ya? How easy we’ve learned to fall.
Well,  an unadulterated critique is absolutely necessary if we’re to escape our “Imaginarium Government” ( yes I made that up-it means they make shit up). Things are fucked up, and there’s no one to blame but 1. ourselves (for mindlessly not knowing), and 2. the “pour salt on the wound” machos we continue to vote into office.


Don’t write your congressman an e-mail as Obama so graciously offers as a solution, I’m talking Sans Culottes grab-a-rake shit and demand something different from this country.

What are we to do with insurmountable student loans at criminal interest rates, all under the guise of flirty Sallie Mae?  Not even mentioning the perpetual brain-bashing that College degrees would make us money!

That might have once been true; however, almost every being with opposable thumbs has drank their way through either two or four years of a styrofoam education. WHAT CAN WE POSSIBLY KNOW NOW THAT WE DIDNT BEFORE and WHY IS SCHOOLING SO CRIPPLINGLY EXPENSIVE IF EVERYONE NEEDS ONE? That means that EVERYONE (except the super wealthy- let’s watch them on tv) will be 40 feet underground for 40 years until they die and their loans can be paid by their children.

…and all in the name of education. The “Real” education is realizing you are part of an abusive system that has no soul and no more moral or ethical dilemmas when it comes to giving you money, and making certain you can’t pay it back.

What dooo we do?


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