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How the Subconscious works

Meyer Lemon Semifreddo with port poached raisins on the vine | Black baloons in a tree.


Summer FoOd


SBTRKT – “Wildfire”

I’m embarrassed at how unembarrassed I am about having played this song ad nauseam for the past week. Its just so sexy though. The video makes me want to move to Singapore and writhe around in a sweltering apartment. Until now, nobody has ever made dehydration so enviable. SBTRKT is officially Choose Feast.

Quiet Cheese

Celestiality of Food

Sadness is a Blessing | Lykke Li

Been keeping my eye on Lykke for a few years now. Really love this video, such a fresh perspective on melancholia.

A Kajitsu Flash [(For)(Back).ward]

Kajitsu | Chef Masato Nishihara

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Katjitsu on CHOOSE FEAST


—> ! Here is my original look at Katjitsu.

In Lena’s Honor | Radegast Biergarten, BK