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I have goals, and dreams that I’ve held for so long; however, I’m obligated by my nature to be happy. Sad, sad that the world has become so unkind and so twisted.

I feel my only real option is to retreat into seclusion with a few friends who share my sentiments. We’ll start a commune and focus on water, food, and shelter: the basics. Eventually we’ll recall our former ambitions, but they will merely be shadows of what we’d given up to be cleaner humans.


Costa Rica |!| Choose Feast

A real Choose Feast moment. I recently returned from a 3-day solo voyage into the jungles of Costa Rica. Celebrating my 25th birthday in true Rambo style; reminding myself that life is for the taking, and that getting older doesn’t have to mean getting safer.

Lets change the status quo, don’t fall into the typical cultural age-bashing. Earn your years, and embrace the plan you have for your life. Too much energy wasted on self-defeat. 25! in the jungles of Costa Rica!! #choosefeast


Arcade Fire | The Wilderness Downtown

This is so above and beyond. Arcade Fire teams up with Google to create a music video that is utterly personalized. Through the use of Google technology, the viewer’s family home is embedded and incorporated into the sporadic pop-up windows that lead you through the story. I cannot even begin to think about the computer programming involved in this. You must try it. It is a new step in the adaptability, and personalization of media and marketing.


The XX- Intro

I want this to be the theme song to every morning of my life. Intense, thoughtful, and consuming.

Yvan Rodic | Visual Diary

To Crack a Coconut


Turks & Caicos | Post Winter Retreat

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Island Fare: Turks & Caicos

Gorky’s “The Artist and His Mother”