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Agony and Ecstacy | Life Personified

Lena fast asleep to the sounds of buzzing bulbs and suspicious flickers outside the window. Oh the difference a day can make. Next on the beach with turquoise water and blue sky. Life is everything.


Talking Heads | “This Must Be the Place”


Quiet Cheese

A Kajitsu Flash [(For)(Back).ward]

Kajitsu | Chef Masato Nishihara

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Katjitsu on CHOOSE FEAST


—> ! Here is my original look at Katjitsu.

Reworking the Fruit Salad | Plums & Blueberries

U.S. Senators | It Gets Better!

Members of the U.S. Senate offer words of advice to gay youth. This is so important, and incredibly powerful.

Senator Al Franken said it best that, “in the adult world people are really valued for their talents and their uniqueness”. The older you get, the more you realize that your individuality is your most marketable and likable characteristic.

Our generation is very lucky, we narrowly escaped the full brunt previous generations had endured. Many people well into their adult lives have stifled themselves for utter fear of harassment and persecution, but at what cost? What happened to their uniqueness, and the truth about themselves?

Dig deep people, embrace each other as is, and lets begin a new chapter in this country. We can no longer marginalize the things we refuse to understand.

We are young, and lively individuals with access to continuous information; take that opportunity to spread words of acceptance and support. BE BETTER THAN BEFORE, and allow people their chance at a whole-hearted existence.

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Color Sensitive

Birdy covers Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”

Ouch*/#@ | A scathing review of Sam Talbot’s Imperial No. Nine

Man, Sam Sifton lets loose on this weeks restaurant review in the NYTimes. Top Chef Alum, Sam Talbot, opens a shwanky resto in the new Mondrian Hotel in Soho. From what I’m reading it doesn’t even sound like I should go just to be counterintuitive.